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Guardian Angel

Across from me, She descended onto Earth to offer the possibility of a healing change to those around Her. One only had to ask Her the right question; The right attitude was all that was required. She was bound to small movements by a paralysis that did not effect in any way Her face and especially Her eyes, which were like Stars from another World and gave off a type of Light never before seen on Earth. They were magnets of expression, and teamed together with Her smile were powerful attractors. They offered the endless possibilities of Life with a quality that went far beyond material wealth. Health would be restored, from the inside out, to anyone that asked the right question.

It was not difficult to approach Her even as time was running out. The clock ticked on marking the passage of that strange dimension called Time. Her message was as clear as the Ring of a bell in the afternoon breeze. She offered Loving care with all Her strength and Power; the fact that She was physically frail and so very pale only magnified it. Warm was Her body to the touch and the luxury of caring Her up and down the stairs was more of a Blessing than a burden.

Her hair was fine as the wings of an Angel and as pale as Her skin. She spoke all the languages of the Earth as Her own. She was as timid as a little girl and as thin as a rail but She was very much a Woman. I felt filled with a warmth the moment that she held me in her gaze. The smile which spread across Her lips, like a wave on a Beach, was what first caught my attention. What held it was Her eyes. She did not shy away from direct eye contact.

She was sitting in a chair when I approached Her. I sat in Her wheelchair which was facing her; she could not Fly in our gravity. She asked me questions for which I had no answers, and She coded a couple of messages on my notebook. She wrote down “ssdewrfxa” and a couple of swirls of cryptic letters which I did not understand. She came close to me and made contact with me. Her mussels were atrophied from disuse, fore in Heaven She did not need them. Her hands, covered with the soft white skin that sheathed the rest of Her body, were delicate and with out force.

I did not have enough self-knowledge to ask Her the question that could heal the World. It was only later, after I left Her side, that I realized who She was. It is now my time to wait, until She comes again, and to grow. She appeared as easily as the Rain falls from the Sky and She will again; I know it. I can feel it; and remember Her eyes, and Her smile, and the light that emitted from them; like Stars through the dawn Sky.

J. Fernando L. y B.

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