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Mambo Dream Team ~ Passion, Energy, and Excitement embodied in rhythmic movement. Directed and founded by Polish born dance couple Dora & Pawel, Mambo Dream Team commands their spectators attention with their creative and unique choreography, costumes, and music selection. Based out of Toronto Canada they travel the world captivating audiences with their beauty and style. Don't miss seeing these extraordinary young performers or taking one of their dance workshops taught at many of the World's top International Salsa Congresses if you get the chance. It is clear that they Love Salsa and they quite well might make you fall in Love with Salsa as well.

Salsa History

Featured in this section is Salsa History, a new web page with links to the articles, in both English and Spanish, on culture, dance, and music on justsalsa.com. Here you can read poems inspired by dancers, the feeling of dancing to Tito Puente live, Interviews with dancer Felipe Polanco, and musician Poncho Sanchez (link below), as well as the history of the Areito, and the evolution of Mambo and Cha Cha Cha as both music and dance forms We decided to make a page that links articles and essays on musicians, dancers, events and places from one easy to find web page. This page shall be updated frequently.
To check-out our growing archive of Salsa History "Click Here".

New York Latin Clubs and Venue Listings

Latin Clubs is a new web page on justsalsa.com with venue information including, Name, Address, Telephone Number and Cross Streets of New York Clubs and Venues that hold Latin and Salsa Music, Dance, and Cultural Events. To check-it-out "Click Here"

Salsa Dance Articles

By Jose Reyes and Iris Castanon-Reyes:

For the Love of the Dance - Interview with Felipe Polanco
Por el Amor al Baile - Entrevista con Felipe Polanco

Interview with Poncho Sanchez

By Alan Feuerstein:

Architects of Excitement - Cuban Pete and Millie

Vivian Rivera

President of Musicians Against Violence a not-for-profit organization that help promote awarness of domestic violence issues and offers support to its victums. By using the high visibility of performance artists, including well known Salsa artists, they are able to raise funds and direct domestic violence victums into counseling.
To read more "Click Here".

Home, Music, Dance, Clubs, Events, Photos, New York, History, Culture, Poems, Contact Us

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