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Tito Puente's Cow Bell
SOB's Dinner Club ~ NYC ~ 12/27/99.

Willie Colon ~ 10/23/99
Madison Square Garden

Celia Cruz "la guarachera de Cuba" at the Oscar d' Leon Tribute 9/9/00.

MC Paco at , NYC

Oscar d' Leon

Larry Harlow - Fania All Stars

"'s favorite Website"

SalsaPower ~ The web's most Current Salsa City-Guides. Well written in both Spanish and English, contains information on the varied styles of Salsa music and Latin dances including interviews with musician, CD reviews, Cuban-style Salsa, Casino-Rueda, and NY-Style Mambo. Also find where to dance to, listen to or buy Salsa music. Feel the Power of Salsa!

"'s Favorite Dance Group"

Mambo Dream Team ~ Passion, Energy, and Excitement embodied in rhythmic movement. Directed and founded by Polish born dance couple Dora & Pawel, Mambo Dream Team commands their spectators attention with their creative and unique choreography, costumes, and music selection. Based out of Toronto Canada they travel the world captivating audiences with their beauty and style. Don't miss seeing these extraordinary young performers or taking one of their dance workshops taught at many of the World's top International Salsa Congresses if you get the chance. It is clear that they Love Salsa and they quite well might make you fall in Love with Salsa as well.

World Links

World ~ Salsa Power
World ~ Social Grid
World ~ Musica Latino-Americana
Austria ~ Dance Server
Canada ~
Canada ~ Josie Neglia Photos
France ~ Salsa France
France ~ Salsa Furiosa
New York ~ Caribbean Soul Dancers
New York ~ Cuban Soul Dance
New York ~ Descarga
New York ~ PR Day Parade
New York ~ Salsa Diva
New York ~ Go Winsome
Norway ~ Salsa Cubana
Washington DC ~ Salsa News
USA ~ Dedicated to Celia Cruz

Salsa Dance Schools

Empire Dance

Musicians & Bands

Alfredo de la Fe
Bobby Ramirez
José Alberto "el canario"
Jimmy Bosch
Miles Peña
Mo' Guajiro
Nelson Gonzalez
Johnny Pacheco
Poncho Sanchez
Tito Nieves


Canada ~ Rose knows Toronto! photos, video, & more..

New York ~ Latino Guide ~ ambitiously incomplete
Salsa Diva ~ Addie Rodriguez ~ Latina web magazine.
CongaHead ~ Martin Cohen's (LP) Salsa Photo Site

Salsa Furiosa ~ Dejavu ~ Love this Site

Washington DC
The Salsa News

Radio Stations

Dimension Latina NY
La Mega 97.9FM NY

Record Companies

Mambo City

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