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24th New York Salsa Festival at Madison Square Garden on September 11, 1999

Reporter Birnania Rios, of Univision NY's Primer Impacto, and her camera man. I showed both of them this picture (on the back of the digital camera). The cameraman didn't like the picture because of the door that shows in the background. She didn't like the way she came out in the photograph so I took another one. I decided to use this one because I liked it best. She is never going to come out as beautiful in a photograph as she is in real life 'cause she is gorgeous. Punto final. She works for Univision News located on 605 Third Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10158-0180. Her phone number is (201) 951-0887 and her e-mail is Birmania00@aol.com.- photo21