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Adie Rodriguez "The Salsa Diva" and Jose Neglia "The Salsa Princess" at the Salsa Web Convention Washington DC ~ 10/8/0

This page the dates of 2013 World Salsa events and links to photographs taken at Salsa Congresos and Festivals held in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Denver, Puerto Rico, Paris, Barcelona, Zurich, England, Italy. Follow the links by place and date to see many photographs and movies of the events listed (scroll down quite a bit.).

The dates of 2013 International Salsa Congresses, conventions, and festivals are listed in this section. See the World ~ Dance Salsa!

April 2013 ~ World

Calgary Salsa Congress, 4-7
Israel Salsa Congress Eilat, 4-10
Antwerp Salsa Congress, 5-7
Kizomba Festival Warsaw, 5-7
Istanbul Dance Festival, 4-7
Murcia Baila ES, 12-14
Münster Salsa Festival, 12-14
Varna Salsa Fest BG, 12-14
India Fiesta Latina New Delhi, 12-14
Cubanizate Salsa Festival Nürnberg, 13-14
Bachata Festival Stuttgart, 19-21
On2 Salsa Congress Milano, 19-21
Timbachata Festival Gran Canaria, 19-21
Pasos libre de la Salsa Castellón, 19-21
Palladium Voyage Festival Bremen, 26-28
Salsa Spring Festival Athens, 26-28
Mambo City 5Star Congress London-Heathrow, 26-29

April 2013 ~ USA

Rose City Salsa Festival Portland US, 11-14
Atlanta Bachata Festival 11-15

May 2013 ~ World

Dias Cubanos Noordwijkerhout NL, 3-5
Salsa on the Beach Bibione Italy, 3-5
Copenhagen Salsa Festival, 3-5
Asi se baila Berlin, 9-12
Salsa Convention Berlin, 9-12
Steps to get it 2013 Bern, 9-12
Fanta Fiesta Festival Sofia, 10-12
Vilnius Salsa Festival, 16-19
Bratislava Salsa Festival, 17-20
Prague Latino Festival CZ, 17-19
Limburg Salsa Festival, 16-19
Salsaddictos Chavannes CH, 17-19
Turkish International Salsa Festival, 20-26
Evento-people Calabria Festival, 24-26
Paris Ubuntu Salsa Congress, 31
Lady Salsa Festival Stuttgart, 31

May 2013 ~ USA

The Unity of Dance Festival Orlando, 2-6
Montreal Salsa Convention, 15-20
Puerto Plata Salsa & Bachata Congress DR, 16-19
LA Salsa Congress Los Angeles, 22-26

June 2013 ~ World

Lady Salsa Festival Stuttgart, 1-2
Salsa Festival Dresden, 20-23
Paris Ubuntu Salsa Congress, 1-2
Zürich Salsa Congress, 7-9
Symposium Salsa Festival Portugal, 7-10
MamboCity Salsa Splash Calpe, 11-17
Summer SBK Festival Wroclaw PL, 13-16
Riga Salsa Festival, 13-16
Guaguancó Festival Barcelona, 27-30
Croatian Summer Salsa Festival Rovinj, 25-30
White Night Salsa Fest St. Petersburg, 27-30
Salsa Strasbourg Festival, 28-30

June 2013 ~ USA & Mexico

Euroson Latino Puebla MEX, 26-29
Atlanta Salsa Cuban Congress, 6-9

July 2013 ~ World

Croatian Summer Salsa Festival Rovinj, 1
Summer Salsa & Kizomba Festival Warsaw, 4-7
Mambofestival Munich, 5-7
Salsa Love Frankfurt Festival, 5-8
Benidorm Salsa Congress (ES), 10-14
Salsa Viva Congress St. Petersburg, 12-14
Salsa Festival Thüringen, 12-14
Salsa Festival Hamburg, 12-14
India International Dance Congress Bangalore, 12-14
Salsa Beach Splash Sibernik, 16-22
Freiburg Salsa Festival, 18-21

July 2013 ~ USA

Salsa Dura Festival NYC, 5-7

August 2013 ~ World

Salsa Festival Chemnitz, 16-18
Salsa Gala Munich, 23-25
X MEGA BIBA Sopot PL, 14-18
Bachaturo Salsa Festival Warsaw, 23-25
Baltic Latino Congress Riga, 23-25
Salsa Jam Cyprus, 29-31
DC Bachata Congress Washington, 8-12
Tabarka Salsa Festival Tunesia, 11-18
Boston Salsa Festival, 16-18
Expo Latino Calgary, 23-25

August 2013 ~ USA

New York Salsa Congress, 28-31
San Diego Salsa Congress, 29-31

September 2013 ~ World

Salsa Jam Cyprus, 1-2
SalsaNors Rueda Congress Southhampton, 5-8
Salsa Rueda Festival Aarhus DK, 5-8
Lyon Salsa Congress, 6-8
Munich Salsa Congress 6-8
Havana ander Ruhr Duisburg, 13-15
Salsa Festival Tallinn, 13-15
Salsa Convention St. Gallen, 20-22
Step in Salsa Festival Paris, 27-29

September 2013 ~ USA & Canada

San Diego Salsa Congress, 1
New York Salsa Congress, 1-2
Marrakech Salsa Festival, 12-16
Festival Salsa Québec, 25-29
Hotlanta Salsa Congress Atlanta, 27-30

October 2013 ~ World

Berlin Salsa Congress 3-7
UNiDANZA Festival Hamburg, 4-6
Sicilia Salsa Festival Taormina, 9-13
Canada Salsa Congress Toronto, 10-14
Salsa Clubbing Salzburg, 11-12
Afro Bailar Multicultural Prague, 16-20
Latino Fest Prague, 17-19
Bachatamemucho München 18-20
Salsuri Suriname Congress Paramaribo, 23-27
Dome Salsa Cologne 25-27
Festival de Cuba Stuttgart, 25-27
MamboCity Salsa Splash Algarve, Portugal 25-30 Oct 1
Balkan Salsa Congress Borovets, 25-27
Cape Town Salsa Festival, 31 – Nov 3

November 2013 ~ World

Cape Town Salsa Festival, 1-3
Salsa Festival Warsaw, 8-10
Roma Salsa Festival, 15-17
The Paris Bachata Festival, 21-24
Manila Salsa Congress, 21-28
Tallinn Salsa Festival, 22-24
Baila en Cuba Havana, 24-29
Bachata Festival Munich, 29-30 & Dec 1

December 2013 ~ World

Bachata Festival Munich, Nov 29 Dec 1
Vienna Salsa Congress Wien, 6-8
Salsa Festival Düsseldorf, 27-28

Index of Photos of Dancers, VIP's, and Guests:

  • Congreso Bacardi 1999 - New York City - Copacabana
Posted to this page.are links to the photographs MPEG movies which were taken by at Salsa Congresos, Congresses, and Festivals, and conventions.
These events are a real mixing point for people, and dancers from all over the world. The crew from had been covering these events from 1999 until 2003. We have seen the Congreso concept grow from a loosely organized event into some of the greatest spectacles of Latin dance in the World.
The workshops, taught by professionals, "break-down" the different dance styles into understandable steps. Learn to dance Salsa while you make new friends and enjoy yourself at Congresos and Festivals worldwide. We'll see You at the Congreso!

The Congresos and Festivals of Salsa are produced by various production companies, dance groups and Salsa aficionados.

The photographs of the Congresos and Festivals are copyrighted and are presented here for your enjoyment only. Please contact of if you would like to use the photos (If posible you will receive a copyright release in writing for "Just Salsa" and you will be informed on how to give proper photo credit.) Back in the day it was our intention to get the photos up as soon as possible. Whenever practical, photos were "up-loaded" to this site daily and from various locations around the world. Now local photographers are providing this service.

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