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Soneros de Oriente at La Rumba party at No. Moore June 5, 1999

The producers of the La Rumba at No. Moore. Her name is Daniela.

Every Saturday after 9:30 the bar No. Moore, located at 234 west Broadway (@ White Street), is transformed into a salsa venue by Dannis Productions the producers of La Rumba. There is usually a dance class between 8:30 and 9:30 PM at the onset of the evening that shows novices and the curious how to dance salsa "on-one". Various instructors, including Daniela herself, teach this class on different Saturdays. The cost of admission is $10. You can pick-up a card for reduced fare for the following Saturday at the door. Dannis Productions also does La Rumba at La Belle Epoque on Wednesdays. For info hit the La Rumba web site.

The event takes place in the basement of No. Moore. The room is large, with a balcony with tables and chairs around two sides of the room, and a set of stairs leading down to the bar, dance floor, and stage. The stage is a razed portion of the floor at the end opposite end of the bar. The dance floor is in between the bar and the stage. The place is usually packed with dancers and people socializing. The wait at the bar is long.

There is a live band that plays two sets; the last one usually ending around 1:30 AM. the night that we photographed the Soneros de Oriente were playing. They play authentic Son Cubano. Son has a rhythm to it that just won't leave you alone - there no way you can not dance. Everybody gets into the action and moves to the music.

The photographs on this page were taken at the La Rumba at No. Moore on June 5th, 1999. They are given here in reduced size (by popular demand) to speed up the internet download time of the page. If you want full resolution copies or if you want to use these photographs please e-mail fotos@justsalsa.com for permission.

Photographs by: J. Fernando Lamadrid, Copyright 1999.
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