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The famous Moulin Rouge, Paris August 1999

Paris Salsa Clubs ~ Salsa Dance Clubs
Casa 128 128 rué Lafayette, Paris 75010 Gare du Nord 01 44 83 03 62 photos
Montecristo Cafe 68 Avenues des Camps Elysees, Paris 75008 Chaps Elysees 01 45 62 30 86 photos
La Coupole 102 Bd du Montparnasse, Paris 75014 Vavin 01 43 20 14 20 photos
Le Balajo 9, rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris Bastille photos
La Java 105, rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75010 Paris 01 42 02 20 52 photos
L'Escale 15, rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006 Paris Odeon 01 43 54 63 47 photos
Le Quais Quai Saint Bernard, 75001 Paris 01 43 54 63 47 photos
Rumba Cafe 4 Bd. de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris Chateau d'Eau 01 42 02 00 08 photos

Congreso Mundial de la Salsa ~ World Salsa Congress Paris

2002 Congreso Mundial de la Salsa, Paris, France

May 16, 2002 Le Quais Social Dance
May 17, 2002 Rehearsals, Shows, & Dance Performances
May 17, 2002 After Party at Montecristo Café
May 18, 2002 Second Night of Shows
May 18, 2002 After Party at Rumba Café
May 19, 2002 Final Night of Shows
May 19, 2002 After Party at Rumba Café
May 20, 2002 Dance Contest and Social Dance

2001 Congreso Mundial de la Salsa, Paris, France

June 1, 2001 - Dancing and first set of dance performances. (134 photos)
June 2, 2001- Dancing, Un Rumbero en Paris, all dance performances, debriefing. (330 photos)
June 3, 2001 - Dancing, Closing night performances, faces. (231 photos)
June 4, 2001 - Last day party, Social dancing, portraits. (60 photos)
June 4, 2001 - Dancing at the Montecristo Cafe

This page has links to photographs and writings of and on salsa clubs that I visited in Paris France during June & August of 1999, 2000, 2001 2002.

My first Salsa visit to Paris was in October of 1993 but the first time that I went to take pictures was in 1999.

Paris is quieter than usual in August because many people leave for vacation. This is by no means an exhaustive list of salsa clubs in Paris. It is just a list of the places that were open and "happening" during my two week stay from August 11th to 25th 1999.

Paris definitively has its own particular style of salsa dancing. Descriptions of the dance styles that I saw, and the dance clubs I visited will be given soon below the photos. The thing that most impressed me about Paris salsa is how courteous the dancers are. Dancers don't step on you or bump you even in the most packed places.

Like New York, there is a younger set and an older set of dancers in Paris. Unlike New York the dance styles are quite similar between the two age groups. In Paris most people dance on "1" or "3" and a lot of the dancers I saw switched at will in the middle of a dance. Paris has a direct and open communication with Cuba and so it was not strange to meet so many Cubans in the clubs. The dancers have adopted the Cuban style of dancing, but it appears to be mixed with a sort of rock-and-roll swing thing.

There were some "2" dancers and even a "on 2" class given at "Casa 128" on Thursday nights. Although most of the "on 2" dancers were from out of town. The Cuban "thing" is very "hot" right now in Paris and it is possible to see quality Cuban bands playing around town.

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