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Caribbean Soul Dancers

Caribbean Soul at China Club 7/24/01
New Jersey Dance Groups
Caribbean Soul
Director: Ismael Otero

See photos of the Carribean Soul Dancers performing "click" on the "links" below.
Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa Puerto Rico 7/28/99 - www.justsalsa.com/congreso/july28_1999/
Joe's Pub NYC 12/7/99 - www.justsalsa.com/newyork/clubsjoespub/12-7-99/
Bistro Latino NYC 1/13/99 - www.justsalsa.com/newyork/clubs/bistrolatino/1-13-00/
Club Millenium NJ 2/13/00 - www.justsalsa.com/newjersey/clubs/millennium/2-13-00/
Ballroom on Fifth 5/12/01 - www.justsalsa.com/newyork/dance/social/bernardmartinez/5-12-01/
West Coast Salsa Congress 5/25/01 - www.justsalsa.com/losangeles/westcoastsalsacongress/5-25-01/album5/
West Coast Salsa Congress 5/27/01 - www.justsalsa.com/losangeles/westcoastsalsacongress/5-27-01/album3/
China Club NY 7/24/01 - www.justsalsa.com/newyork/clubs/chinaclub/7-24-01/
East Coast Salsa Congress 8/17/01- www.justsalsa.com/newyork/eastcoastsalsacongress/8-17-01/album2/

"Click" on thumbnails below to see index of photographs of Caribbean Soul Dancers in Action.

Congreso Bacardi

Joes Pub

Bistro Latino

Club Millennium

Ballroom on Fifth

West Coast Salsa Congress

West Coast Salsa Congress

China Club

East Coast Salsa Congress

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